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Fairlie 59 – Elegant Spirit of Tradition Classic Cutter

Written by JHS

The Fairlie 59 is the result of the fusion between the elegance and the comfort of a classic hull and the performance given by a latest generation rig and sails, that allows you to sail safely, with a reduced crew or with no crew, as she was designed to be single handled.
Her hull was built with cold moulded wood and epoxy resin, her frames and deck beams were laminated as one only piece, giving her a structural strength beyond the requirements of the loads that she has to withstand and with the 50% of her displacement in the led keel, together with a carbon fiber rig give her an optimal upright momentum that allows you to trim the sails to give her owner an unprecedented enjoyment with the sailing experience on board this boat.


2005-07-22 13.42.01

2005-12-15 17.41.48

2005-07-19 13.55.41

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