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AENIB – The Balearic Nautical Association

Written by JHS

The Balearic Nautical Association is formed by some one hundred companies within the nautical sector, grouping together those companies in the commercial sector as well as those in the service and construction sector. Our association is supported by both government and international levels by the National Association of Nautical Companies (ANEN) whilst here in the Balearic Islands we are attached to the management of CAEB (Balearic Confederation of Business Associations).

The nautical association has, as its first objective, to defend the collective business interests of its members, contribute to its growth, establish and represent its own business sector with regards to the Public Authorities.

One of the objectives marked by the Nautical Association is the elaboration of a Strategic Plan for the Nautical Sector, the only tool we believe can offer efficient solutions to problems such as the lack of moorings and industrial space, services, disloyal or intrusive competition, port tariffs both in ports and the nautical clubs etc. The project has the blessing of the various institutions, the very Balearic Government has given its support, but we already know that politics always lag behind society and we have to carry on fighting in order to achieve what we want.

During these last few years, the association has been strengthening and today forms part of the Assessment for the Council of Ports of the Balearic Islands and has also been asked to attend various periodical pubic administration meetings where problems are analysed and discussed. We have also managed to obtain and get up and running projects such as “Polo Nautico”, an Internet gateway of wide coverage which is of great benefit to all the Balearic Nautical Companies on the islands.

Missions of a somewhat contrary nature have also been carried out, such as inviting European specialised magazines here and for the last three years we have collaborated with the Chambers of Commerce in Mallorca, Ibiza, and Formentera with regards to the principle and most important European Nautical Fairs, London, Monaco, Paris, Dusseldorf etc.

All these achievements can be even bigger and better if we can all pull together. The more we are, the bigger the representation we will have and the more weight we will have to fight for our specific interests. Our objective is to achieve the most of the advantages that are offered by the Administration as well as the surroundings in which our companies work. In order to achieve this, we need to count on as many companies from the nautical sector as possible, so for this reason alone, we ask you to please to join with us now.

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