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Yachting Gives Back

Written by JHS

Yachting Gives Back is a food-raising campaign in which the yachting industry – both yachts and service companies – are helping to alleviate the problems of poverty and hunger in the Balearics.


Why are we doing it?

According to the Balearic branch of the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN), almost 25% of the Islands’ population, around 276,000 people, is at risk of social exclusion and that 87,000 people, 7.8% of the Balearic population, survive on just 355 euros per month.

Who are we doing it for?

Yachting Gives Back will work with several local charities, including Shambhala Fundación which works with vulnerable young people, and Associació Tardor and Mallorca Sense Fam (Mallorca Without Hunger) who also deliver foodstuffs to those in need. There are many more organisations involved and the more we raise the more of them we can support.

What Do We Need?

Yachting Gives Back is asking primarily for non-perishables such as pasta, rice, flour, tinned vegetables, milk, fruit juice, oil, vinegar and sauces, but we would also love to collect personal hygiene products like shampoo, soap and toothbrushes etc.

However, since we started our collections, we have been offered lots of miscellaneous items including old uniforms, bedding, galley equipment etc. etc. and we have managed to make good use of all of them!
Phone: +34 619 117 937 

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