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Fundació de Joves Navegants de Balears

Written by JHS

Joves Navegants was started in 1992 by a group of enthusiastic Mallorca residents who worked in the yachting industry and wanted to give back to the local community. They realised there was a lack of opportunities for young Mallorcans to experience sailing and its benefits.

Across the world, Sail Training has been recognised as providing an invaluable opportunity to develop young peoples’ self-esteem and confidence. In 2003, the donation of the sailing yacht Galaxie enabled the newly formed charity, Joves Navegants Foundation, to increase the number of young people it could help each year. Since 2003, Joves Navegants has helped around 1.500 young people in the Balearics.

Why Sail Training?

By taking young people to sea we offer them an unforgiving natural environment that provides a sense of risk and adventure. Sailing Galaxie requires hard physical work and cannot be achieved without teamwork. This builds self-discipline, tolerance and empathy.

Integrating and motivating young people through sailing and living aboard in the Balearics.


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