Marine Preservation & Conservation

Asociacion Ondine

Written by Max Mallorca

Our mission

To enable the Balearic sea to recover its rich biodiversity and to thrive in harmony with a prospering, environmentally conscious and proactive local population.

Marine Protected Areas

Our team of experienced marine scientists and divers work closely with local authorities and stakeholders to create an effectively managed network of Marine Protected Areas around the Balearic Islands, allowing marine ecosystems to recover and thrive together with prospering local communities and industries.

Marine Protected Areas

Dos Manos

Our Dos Manos initiatives have been developed to tackle one of the biggest threats to our oceans and to ourselves: plastic pollution. Through our Dos Manos Beach Cleans, Schools Programme and Partners Programme we inspire and help local communities and companies to take action while raising awareness, sharing knowledge, and encouraging innovative solutions.

Dos Manos

Scientific research

Our scientific research programmes are carried out by our devoted working group of marine scientists, divers and volunteers. Our four year long Mallorca Stingray Survey is portrayed in the short documentaries A Ray of Light and A Ray of Light II.

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